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Foreigner’s Procedure towards Starting Work in the Territory of the Czech Republic

Who is the participant in the procedure

The participant in the administrative procedure is a foreigner who applies for an Employee Card, a Blue Card or for an Employment Permit.

Foreigners apply in writing for an Employment Permit to the relevant regional office of the Public Employment Service, usually prior to entering the territory of the Czech Republic. The foreigner may be represented in the procedure by the employer or by other representative empowered by the foreigner, on the basis and to the extent of a written power of attorney.

Work Permit

Work permits may be requested by foreigners who want to be employed in the CR for the following is purpose

  • seasonal work (for a period of 6 months in one calendar year, if a period of at least 6 months passes between jobs);
  • performance of tasks ensuing from the scope of business of a legal entity secured by a partner, statutory body or member of a statutory body or another body of a business company for a business company, or by a member of a cooperative or by a member of a statutory body or another body of a cooperative for a cooperative;
  • holder of a long-term residency permit for the purpose of business;
  • employment for a limited period for the purpose of increasing skills and qualifications (so called internship) for a maximum period of 6 months; this period may be extended, but no longer than for the time necessary to acquire the professional qualification under regulations valid in the CR;
  • occasional and time limited employment of persons up to the age of 26 within an exchange between schools or within programs for youth that the Czech Republic participates in;
  • a promulgated international treaty that has been ratified by the Parliament and if this treaty stipulates that foreigners must have an Employment Permit;
  • a visa holder or holder of a long-term residency permit for the purpose of tolerating residency under the residency act;
  • who is an applicant for international protection or who has been issued confirmation of leave to remain in the Czech Republic under the Asylum Act, but no sooner than 6 months after the date of providing data for application for international protection;
  • the posting of a foreigner to the CR by a foreign employer on the basis of a contract concluded with a Czech legal entity or natural person in order to perform tasks ensuing from this contract;
  • short-term employment of up to three months.

The regional office of the Public Employment Service in whose jurisdiction the foreigner will perform the work shall always be the relevant one for issuing the Employment Permit.

Application for employment permit

The application shall include

  • Foreigner’s identification data (i.e. name(s), surname and – where appropriate – birth name, nationality, personal identification number or date and place of birth unless the personal identification number has been assigned, place of residence);
  • Address in the country of permanent residence and postal delivery address;
  • Travel document number and name of the authority that has issued the document;
  • Future employer’s identification data (name, registered office, identification number);
  • Type of work;
  • Place of work and the period for which the employment should be pursued;
  • Other data, where appropriate, required for the pursuit of employment (application form for download).

Annexes to the application

  • A photocopy of the travel document’s page containing the foreigner’s basic identification data;
  • A statement by the employer that the employer will employ the foreigner (statement form for download);
  • Documents certifying the competence to perform the desired job (vocational certificate, secondary school leaving certificate, diploma of completion of higher education, etc.);
  • Other documents if required by the nature of employment or if laid down by a promulgated international agreement that has been ratified by Parliament and is binding on the Czech Republic.

Annexes in foreign languages shall be produced in their original versions or their officially certified copies, along with their officially certified translations into Czech.

The documents that prove the professional competence to pursue a requested occupation must be superlegalised (or provided with an apostille, where appropriate) and validated.


Administrative fee

In accordance with the Act on Administrative Fees, the Annex thereto is the List of Fees, the filing of a foreigner’s application for an employment permit is subject to the administrative fee of CZK 500 (see item 9c) of the List of Administrative Fees (see item 9b) of the List of Administrative Fees).

Employment permit

  • includes the foreigner’s identification data, place of work, type of work, identification data of the employer where the foreigner will pursue the employment, the period for which the permit is issued, and other data required for the pursuit of the employment;
  • is non-transferrable and issued for a definite period of time, the maximum of two years, however; a foreigner may even apply for an employment permit repeatedly;
  • is only valid for the employment with the employer specified in the decision; this also applies to the type and place of work. If some of the conditions stated in the employment permit are to change before the expiration of the permit, the foreigner has to apply to the locally competent regional office of the Public Employment Service for a new employment permit;
  • is required for all employment relationships under the Labour Code pursued by the foreigner in the territory of the Czech Republic, i.e. employment, agreement to complete a job, and contract on working activity, even if these employment relationships overlap;
  • cannot be issued if in order to perform work in the CR the foreigner needs, in accordance with the valid legal regulations, an Employee Card (the holder is entitled on a long-term basis to reside in the CR for the purpose of employment and to perform work), or if he/she has received a Blue Card.

Working activity in the territory of the Czech Republic

A foreigner may work in the territory of the Czech Republic if the foreigner holds a valid employment permit and a valid residence visa for the purpose of employment.

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