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Extension of Foreigner’s Employment Permit

When to apply for extending an Employment Permit

No sooner than 3 months and no later than 30 days before the Employment Permit issued expires, a foreigner may apply to the relevant regional office of the Public Employment Service for the extension of the Employment Permit. A precondition of extending the Employment Permit is that the employment will be pursued with the same employer. The application for extending the Employment Permit includes the same elements as the application for Employment Permit. Only the employer’s statement that the employer will continue to employ the foreigner shall be enclosed with the application (specimen application for extending an Employment Permit for download).

The validity of the work permit for seasonal work which was issued for a period of less than 6 months may be extended, but only so as to ensure that the total validity of the work permit is no more than 6 months in any period of 12 consecutive months. An application for a seasonal work permit prolongation includes the same requirements as a seasonal work permit application, including the employer's statement that they will employ the foreigner (specimen application for extending an Employment Permit for download).

If a foreigner applies for work permit prolongation, they may continue to be employed from the expiry of their work permit to the final decision on the prolongation of the work permit.

Terms of extending an Employment Permit

Employment Permits may only be extended with a view to the labour market situation in cases where the following is involved:

  • fulfilment of the tasks arising from the line of work of the legal person arranged by a partner, a governing body or a member of the governing body or another body of a business corporation for the business corporation;
  • who holds a long-term residence permit for business purposes;
  • who holds a long-term residence for the purpose of investing;
  • for short-term work within 3 months;
  • for seasonal work.

The regional office of the Public Employment Service shall assess the foreigner’s application for extending Employment Permit with a view to whether or not the office currently registers job-seekers for whom the job position currently filled by the foreigner would be an appropriate employment.

Regardless of the situation on the labour market, Employment Permits issued in accordance with Article 95 and Article 97 of the Employment Act can be extended.

Administrative fee

In accordance with the Act on Administrative Fees, the filing of a foreigner’s application for extending an Employment Permit is subject to the administrative fee of CZK 250 (see item 9c) of the List of Administrative Fees).

Further working activity in the territory of the Czech Republic

A precondition of extending the foreigner’s employment with the same employer is the foreigner obtaining an Employment Permit from the regional office of the Public Employment Service and at the same time, they will also have a valid residence permit in the Czech Republic.

Last updated: 19. 11. 2018
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