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Entry of Foreigners into the Labour Market of the Czech Republic

Employment of foreigners by an employer in the Czech Republic. The employment relationships between the foreigner and the employer are primarily governed by the Labour Code and related legislation, similarly to the governance of employment relationships of employees who are citizens of the Czech Republic. In the above events, however, the Labour Code allows governing the employment relationships between the employer and the employee differently, under the provisions of private international law. The employment conditions are further stipulated by the Employment Act, according to which foreigners may be employed in the Czech Republic provided that they have obtained a work permit if such permits are required under the Employment Act and have a residence permit or have received an employee card, a blue card or an internally transferred employee card.

The performance of work by foreigners posted to the territory of the Czech Republic by a foreign employer for the purpose of performing a contract entered into with a domestic legal or natural entity – the employment relationships between the foreign employer and the foreigner who is posted to carry out work are usually governed by the law of the country where the foreign employer has its registered office. Work performance may be commenced provided that the foreigner has received a work permit and a residence permit.

Last updated: 19. 11. 2018
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