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Business trips by foreigners

Foreigner – a work permit, employee card, blue card or internally transferred employee card holder may be sent on a business trip outside of the place of the performance of work provided that the employer is sent on the business trip for a period that is absolutely necessary and the deployment is consistent with the permitted type of work. The business trip deployment must not amount to a factual change of the place of the performance of work.

The employer is obligated to issue a travel order to the foreigner prior to the start of the business trip. The competent control authorities are entitled to check whether travel expenses were reimbursed to the foreigner for the business trip in accordance with Act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code.

The employer does not need to provide the regional office of the Public Employment Service of the CR with any information regarding the posting of a foreigner on a business trip.

Last updated: 19. 11. 2018
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