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Employee cards in the Czech Republic
(in the dual document mode)

What is an employee card

An employee card issued by the Czech Republic is a long-term residence permit for the purpose of employment in the Czech Republic. A foreigner who has an employee card is entitled to:

  • reside in the Czech Republic and
  • work in a job for which the employee card was issued and change that job with the consent of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior, or work in another job or with another employer
More about employee cards.
Frequently asked questions about employee cards.

Who is the employee card for

The employee card is for foreigners from countries that are not members of the European Union.

More about who the employee card is for.

How to get an employee card

The Czech Republic is doing its best to simplify the procedure for issuing employee cards. However, you still need to go through several steps.

Detailed procedure on how to get an employee card.

Vacancies available for employee cards

On the internet, you can search for vacancies for which you can apply for an employee card.

Searching in the central records of vacancies for employee cards.

When does a foreigner need a permit

If you want to employ a foreigner who does not have free access to the labour market, it is only possible if:

  • The foreigner is an employee card or a blue card holder, or has a certificate confirming that he has satisfied the conditions for issuing this card. Employee cards and blue cards are both a residence permit and a work permit.
  • or he has a valid work permit (if required under the Labour Code) and a valid employee card (in the non-dual document mode).

More about, when a foreigner needs a permit.

Employee card, blue card or work permit?

An employee card, blue card and work permit are issued for a specific job with a specific employer. In terms of employment arrangements, they are equivalent to each other. Each of these permits may be granted under specific circumstances. For example, for blue cards, the law stipulates the conditions pertaining to the job for which the blue card is intended.

More detailed comparison of employee cards, blue cards and work permits.

How to offer a job vacancy for an employee card

In order for a foreigner to submit an application for an employee card for a specific job vacancy, this vacancy must be included in the central records of vacancies available for employee cards.

More about, how to offer a job vacancy for an employee card.

Obligations of the employer

The employer must report:

  • that a foreigner has commenced his employment
  • any expected changes in the foreigner's job position
  • that a foreigner has not commenced his employment
  • termination of a foreigner's employment prior to the expiration of the validity of the employee card

More about the employer's obligations.

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