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Job offer - basic version
Contextual help

Entering information about the job offer

(basic version)

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Give the name of the profession you would like to do. For example: Shop assistant, Driver, etc.
In the supplementary text indicate your position requirements, your skills, knowledge, experience in the field, and so on.
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So that you can be contacted quickly, first give your telephone number, your email address, and then your postal address.
My highest level of education:  !

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Consent to retain personal data:  !
The job offer will be shown until 20-Oct-2019. After it is saved it cannot be changed.
in exceptional cases contact the portal administrator webadmin.portal(a)

The application is only designed for entering job-search advertisements.
The portal operator reserves the right to not publish or to subsequently eliminate any jobs offers
which pursue any goal other than the search of a job, which are in violation of good morals,
are discriminatory or of a commercial nature
The person responsible for complete information: sekce 4, oddělení 401. Dotazy vyřizuje: tel. 844 844 803, callcentrum(a)
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