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Obligation of the Employer or the Legal or Natural Entity to which Citizens of the EU/EEA, Switzerland and their Family Members are Posted to Carry Out Work

The employer or the legal or natural entity who has entered into a contract with a foreign employer under which citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland and their family members are posted to perform tasks arising out of that contract is obligedto report that fact, in writing, to the relevant regional office of the Public Employment Service,competent on the basis of the place of work,within no later than the date of such peoplestarting work (specimen information for download). No further documents are requested from the employer besides the completed questionnaire.

Upon the termination of employment, the employer or the legal or natural entity is obliged to report that fact to the relevant regional office of the Public Employment Service within no later than 10 calendar days following the end of employment or posting (specimen information for download).

Last updated: 27. 11. 2013
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